The Team

The Nostalgic Brands project has been spearheaded by two individuals – both highly respected and experienced professionals in business and the restaurant industry.

Christopher D. DeMers brings a combination of 25 years of distinguished accomplishment in franchising and the food and beverage industry to the POOR BOY brand. He has a long list of successes in conceiving, developing and implementing food and beverage concepts. Mr. DeMers’ record of achievement includes pioneering an on-premises wine venue at Whole Foods Market which was rolled out nation-wide. He was also the Operating Director for The Wine Loft and Chief Operating Officer for the Doyle Restaurant Group. In his time with The Doyle Restaurant Group he was responsible for all start-up aspects of the Wine Loft franchise side of the business. In this role, Mr. DeMers spearheaded the site selection, design and complete start-up of 18 franchise units in 11 states in only 2 years.  Mr. DeMers’ industry contacts are as impressive as his record of accomplishment. Much of the data in POOR BOY’S business plan is sourced from Mr. DeMers’ deep industry contacts and acquaintances including other restaurant operators and national vendors. Mr. DeMers will be primarily responsible for corporate store start-up and oversight, franchise FDD development and compliance, vendor management, point of sale information technology, purchasing and sales programs. Mr. DeMers will also serve as Chief Operating Officer of the franchise management company and operating principal of the group of affiliated entities.

Frank D. Otillio is not only the direct descendant of the originator of the first Poor Boy sandwich, but he brings to New Orleans POOR BOY Sandwiches 10 years of food and beverage experience as well as 15 years of market research and online brand development. Mr. Otillio’s partnership in several companies in the last 15 years has brought him a wealth of knowledge and insight into what it takes to launch and maintain a successful brand. In his time with Fusion LLC, a web development and marketing company and, a business continuity provider, Mr. Otillio has had many roles including: Account Management, Marketing & Advertising Counsel as well as a diverse range of Web Development, Creative E-Commerce, Data Analysis, Information Technology and Data Security responsibilities. In addition to Mr. Otillio’s professional background, is a collegiate career spanning 6 years including a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis on Statistical Analysis – granting him a unique aptitude and resourcefulness when faced with the challenges of a data-rich industry. Mr. Otillio will have the primary responsibility of oversight for all aspects of technology, media as associated with marketing / branding, and statistical data with market trending.

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