PoorBoySandwiches.com is a Nostalgic Brands site.

NOSTALGIC BRANDS is a group of five affiliated entities established to capitalize on the profitability of franchising, the growth of the quick service casual market segment in the U.S., significant primary product margins, and a considerable number of underserved consumers and markets.

POOR BOY FRANCO, a derivitive of Nostalgic Brands, is a Limited Liability Corporation, specializing in the startup and management of New Orleans POOR BOY Sandwiches, a food and beverage franchise concept.

Mission: Conceptualize then actualize the POOR BOY brand as a profitable food and beverage franchise concept.

Vision: POOR BOY FRANCO will pioneer a new approach to franchising that marries franchisor profitability with affordable, approachable, and environmentally responsible products and services that can become recognized and established identities in underserved markets.

How: POOR BOY will be the only successfully launched New Orleans Styled Quick Service sandwich franchise in the US to be conceived as a franchise from origin. The approach is to penetrate two markets with populations of less than 500,000, strong supporting demographics, high per capita income rates and less competition in the quick serve segment. These combined factors contribute to the likelihood of the venue becoming "an institution" in said market. Consider this the "big fish in the small pond" approach to market penetration.